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Voxalytic GmbH was founded in 2014 by the three executive management team members Jan Korvink, Ulrike Wallrabe and Jörg Funk. The founders have had a long-standing history of scientific collaboration, trust and friendship dating 25 years back through university and start-up companies.

Voxalytic benefits from strong ties with the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) and the University of Freiburg, both in terms of scientific collaboration and access to modern technology (e.g. cleanroom).

Today, Voxalytic is a thriving high-tech company actively developing innovative products at the forefront of technology in areas such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), (small) power transformation, and coil-based applications (e.g. RFID). It has filed two patents, launched successfully highly innovative products and has had successful collaborations with technology leaders from Chemicals, NMR equipment and consumer electronics industries, among others.

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We employ modern micro-chip (IC) technology and equipment in state-of-the-art cleanrooms to produce coil-based products such as NMR-sensors or micro-transformers.

Voxalytic´s proprietary coil-winding and structuring technology allows us to produce highly exact and reproducible coil windings in the sub-millimeter range. Together with our engineering experience and deep understanding of potential applications we develop tailored coil-based solutions for customer needs (Engineering for OEMs) and innovative products for our target markets NMR and microelectronics.

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The Sentence that started our History

“We have so many ideas and prototypes for great solutions but no time to actually turn them into products”.

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What followed the above sentence at a conference were discussions over beer, logo-drawing on a napkin, business case development, ups and downs and pros and contras and finally a solemnly signed foundation document in 2014 by the three founding members Jan Korvink, Ulrike Wallrabe and Jörg Funk. The first first full-time employee was hired 6 months later, a second one followed suit shortly after together with a major engineering contract that was won with a consumer electronics firm.


2016 saw the filing of Voxalytic’s first patent around using Lenz lenses for NMR application designs. In addition, the firm was awarded a major research grant by the European Research Commission to boost the development of MACS sensors.

2017 could be defined as reaching the next level. That year saw the launch of its LiquidVoxel sensors for the characterization of liquids at the Euromar conference in Warsaw and the company underwent a capital increase where the three founders welcomed other shareholders into the company and continued hiring employees to expand its activities. The company could also secure selected development contracts and long-term agreements with corporate customers.

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                                                Voxalytic booth at Euromar 2017

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Going forward Voxalytic continues investing in three strategic business fields:

  1. Developing and manufacturing sensors and components to increase the accuracy of NMR measurement both in liquids (static and dynamic)and in solids (via magic angle spinning). In this field we combine our deep knowledge of NMR application with our ability to wind very precisely some of the smallest coils on the planet

  2. Developing solutions for power management and galvanic separation in microelectronic applications, characterized by minimal footprint dimensions

  3. And last but not least, assisting our customers in tailoring coil-based solutions for applications such as micro-transformers, RFID devices, medical equipment, consumer electronics etc.

With sound financing and a high-performance team the conditions are in place to continue the journey of a highly successful technology company

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