Customized probes for NMR equipment

Voxalytic GmbH VoxelProbe™ is a versatile platform for the customization of high-field NMR and MRI probes, ranging from liquid sample characterization to more complex and exotic setups with optical excitation, fluidic connections, multi-channel or other particular requirements such as the connection with gradient coils.
It is equipped with a microcontroller and a graphical user interface that allow for user-friendly and customisable experimental control. The VoxelProbe™ is offered for all magnets up to 900 MHz, and both, narrow and wide bore versions are available.


The VoxelProbe™ is ideal for next generation NMR/MRI experiments. Complex workflows are efficiently optimised with the built-in microcontroller platform from Arduino™. For very advanced experimental control the Probe can be equipped with the Rasperry Pi™, which makes the VoxelProbe™ literally a PC inside the NMR machine. This gives you ultimate experimental control and data processing capabilities.
VoxelProbe™ is off-the-shelf compatible with Bruker connectors for RF cables, gradient coils and water cooling. All other vendor systems can also be accommodated upon request.
VoxelProbe™ can also be equipped with 1,2 and 3-axes gradient coils for MRI applications. The Bruker Micro-5™ gradient coil with 19 mm inner clearance fits directly into the probehead without further modification. Alternatively, Voxalytic offers a custom bi-planar gradient coil which more closely matches the detector geometry.
In its standard configuration the VoxelProbe™ is equipped with a a highly sensitive LiquidVoxel™ microcoil offering high resolution NMR & MRI in a single environment. All other kind of sensor can also be befitted in the probe upon request.



Some of the more common application areas for the VoxelProbe™ include:

  • Bio-imaging and spectroscopy

  • Cell culture monitoring

  • Environmental research

  • Product quality control

  • High throughput spectroscopy



VoxelProbe™ offers solutions which are tailored to your specific requirements which may include:

  • Additional functionality for hyphenation

  • Integration of light

  • Additional sensors

  • Programming of microcontroller functions



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