Power Transformation and Galvanic Separation

Voxalytic GmbH fabricates standard and customized miniaturized conversion and isolation solutions (micro-transformers) for chip-level power and signal handling.

Our PowerVoxel™ micro-transformers are characterized by minimal footprint (just a few mm2) and a typical height of less than a millimeter. PowerVoxel™ can handle currents of up to 300 mA and shows an excellent frequency behaviour with high power conversion efficiency and coupling factor.



PowerVoxel™ micro transformers are available in a wide range of designs covering nH to µH inductances, KHz to MHz frequency range of functionality and galvanic isolation of up to several KV. Customers can choose between two types of our magnetic cores; Polymer magnetic core chips are available with high Q-factor and moderate inductance per volume while amorphous PowerVoxel™ chips are available for high-end applications that need superior inductance per volume and no magnetic leakages.

Conversion and isolation solutions are typically designed in collaboration with our clients tailored to their specific needs and specifications.

PowerVoxel™ is fabricated using standard microstructuring IC technology with postprocessing to add the core (non-magnetic plastic or magnetic core). Primary and secondary coil windings are added via our proprietary 3D coil winding wirebond chip technology, which allows to manufacture micro-transformers with highly exact and reproducible electrical characteristics.


Magnetic Core Transformer. Photo of lamination.

au 1.jpg

Picture of non-magnetic plastic core micro-transformer



PowerVoxel™ are available in two main categories of cores, resulting in quite distinct key electrical characteristics


  • Range of application: 0.3 – 100 MHz

  • Minimum chip size (LWH): 4×4×0.7 mm3

  • Serial inductance: 0.1 – 40 µH

  • Galvanic isolation: 0.2 – 2 KV

  • Peak Q-factor: 19

  • Current handling: ≤ 300 mA

  • Coupling factor: ≥ 95%

  • Maximum L/Rdc : 5700 nH/Ω

  • Efficiency at 50 Ω load: ≥ 50%


  • Range of application: 30 – 300 MHz

  • Minimum chip size (LWH): 4×4×0.7 mm3

  • Serial inductance: 0.04 ­– 1 µH

  • Galvanic isolation: 0.2 – 2 KV

  • Peak Q-factor: 65

  • Current handling: ≤ 300 mA

  • Coupling factor: ≥ 95%

  • Maximum L/Rdc : 200 nH/Ω

  • Efficiency at 50 Ω load: ≥ 70%


PowerVoxel™ with amorphous magnetic core (see red rectangle) embedded in an electronic circuit


PowerVoxel™ is aimed at customers who need to distribute power flexibility and isolation at low loss in a very compact package.

The application area includes:

  • Any circuit which size or weight is matter.

  • Portable battery powered devices.

  • DC-DC conversion.

  • Point-of-load (POL) converters.

  • Signal and power isolation.

  • Common mode chokes.

  • High Q and high efficiency circuits.

  • Inductive sensors.



Given the wide range of desired electrical characteristics that might be required and achieved we normally design PowerVoxel™ chips specifically to the needs of our customers. We offer a broad design flexibility with the following design parameters that might specifically be adapted to your needs:

  • On-chip mounting and packaging.

  • Custom winding ratios.

  • Additional secondary winding.

  • Smaller chip size.

  • Winding ratio up to 1:4.



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