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NMR sensors for low (benchtop) magnetic fields

Voxalytic GmbH BenchtopVoxel™ is a high-precision solenoidal microcoil detector which is specially designed to work in low-field magnets (benchtop systems such as Metrolab, Magritek, Nanalysis or custom-built systems) with tuning ranges between 2-100 MHz.
Our BenchtopVoxel™ NMR sensors are characterized by minimal footprint, background-silent materials and reflection coefficients S11 of -20 dB down to -50 dB, thereby providing customers with the highest possible spatial and spectral NMR resolution. 
Our proprietary chip technology implements advanced passive shimming, achieving excellent B1 homogeneity and power efficiency.

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BenchtopVoxel™ is characterized by a minimal footprint of 2 x 3 x 15 mm3 which is up to 15 times smaller than comparable coils and is made of background-silent material. This makes it particularly suitable for low-­field detection with portable permanent magnet systems between 0.2 – 2 Tesla. Our coil sensor connects to any of the commercially available spectrometers.
The sensor coil can be provided either with integrated or external tuning and matching circuit. The latter is particularly useful for applications with space limitations in the bore of the magnet.

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The system consists in its standard configuration of a sensor that is connected with an RF cable to a high-Q tuning and matching circuit which remains outside of the magnet to minimize field distortions and space requirements. For special applications the tuning and matching circuit may also be integrated with the sensor.
A chip holder which can be provided with the sensor allows to accurately position the sensor within the sweet spot of the magnet as shown in the picture below where a PMMA  model emulates the palm sized Metrolab™ magnet.

Sensor with cable and text.jpg

BenchtopVoxel™ with external high-Q tuning and matching circuit

Magnet Model with Text.jpg

Picture of sensor placement within a PMMA model of a Metrolab™ permanent magnet via chip holder

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BenchtopVoxel™ is aimed at customers who  need high spectral resolution and spatial localisation in low magnetic fields, with very small samples in mind.

The application area includes:

  • Portable low field NMR, MRI, or DNP

  • PHIP or SABRE hyperpolarisation

  • Relaxometry

  • Permanent magnet spectroscopy

  • Point-of-care diagnostics

  • Field camera for imaging

  • Magnetometry

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  • Sensor dimensions 2 x 3 x 15 mm3

  • Tuning range of 2 – 100 MHz with ultra-fine tuning option

  • Large inherent frequency range

  • Enhanced NMR sensitivity

  • Narrow NMR peak linewidth

  • Made of background silent materials

  • Reflection coefficient S11 of -20 dB down to -50 dB

  • Robust against field inhomogeneities

  • Ideal for permanent magnets, such as Metrolab™ or custom-built systems



19F spectrum of hexafluorebenzene (C6F6) sample

  • Scan was obtained @ 1,04T with a single scan

The picture on the right four differently tuned and matched BenchtopVoxel™ for measurement of four specific nuclei

Tuning And Matching.jpg
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Customers with adaptation needs should contact us for potential customisation, which may include:

  • Modified coil geometry

  • Multiple NMR channels

  • Versatile tuning range

  • Probehead integration

  • Packaging and microfluidic integration

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