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Voxalytic’s main focus is on producing bespoke liquid state NMR probes for current needs in spectroscopy. Many of our probes build upon our unique competence in small scale high signal-to-noise ratio NMR detectors. We also separately offer our small NMR detectors, which are suitable for both high and low field signal detection.

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  • Probes: Voxalytic offers customisable probes for liquid state NMR spectroscopy, which are especially applicable when screening medium to large chemical libraries, when sample volumes are small, or unusual environmental conditions apply. [1, 2]



  • High field detectors: Voxalytic offers a range of small volume detectors, from 100 nl, to 5 µl, with high signal-to-noise ratio, and excellent B1 uniformity and efficiency. Frequencies from 40 MHz to 1 GHz are possible. [3, 4]

  • Frequency lock sensor or field camera: Voxalytic’s small volume detectors are available also as external frequency lock detectors, containing sealed-in lock substances (deuterium, fluorine, etc.). Their small footprint and excellent linewidth make them ideal for both field camera and frequency lock applications.



[1] Nassar, O., Jouda, M., Rapp, M,. Mager, D., Korvink, J.G., MacKinnon, N., Integrated impedance sensing of liquid sample plug flow enables automated high throughput NMR spectroscopy. Microsyst Nanoeng 7, 30 (2021). 10.1038/s41378-021-00253-2

[2] Davoodi,  H., Nordin,  N., Bordonali, L., Korvink, J.G., MacKinnon, N.,  Badilita, V., An NMR-compatible microfluidic platform enabling in situ electrochemistry, Lab Chip, 2020, 20, 3202-3212, 10.1039/D0LC00364F

[3] Spengler, N, Hoefflin, J., Moazenzadeh, A. Mager, D., MacKinnon, N., Badilita, V., Wallrabe, U., Korvink, J.G., Heteronuclear micro-Helmholtz coil facilitates µm-range spatial and sub-Hz spectral resolution NMR of nL-volume samples on customisable microfluidic chips, PloS one, (2016), journal.pone.0146384

[4] Wang, N., Meissner, M.V., MacKinnon, N., Luchnikov, V., Mager, D., Korvink, J.G., Fast prototyping of microtubes with embedded sensing elements made possible with an inkjet printing and rolling process, J. Micromech. Microeng. 28 025003, (2018), 10.1088/1361-6439/aa7a61

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