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Voxalytic’s probes target those applications that require novel sample handling solutions, such as a high range of sample throughput, sample environmental conditions, and application of additional control fields, and include the management of additional electrical devices close to the sample site.

  • Sample handling and throughput

    • Substance screening probes: Voxalytic offers high throughput probes for liquid state NMR spectroscopy, for screening medium to large chemical libraries, and are especially applicable when sample volumes are small. Our fastest probe can achieve a speedup of up to 200 × in time compared to conventional probes in conjunction with a conventional sample handling system. See [1].

  • Additional excitation fields

    • Electrochemical excitation: Voxalytic offers bespoke probes for electrical fields applied to the sample. The electrodes could be in contact with the sample, as needed for electrochemical experiments in battery research, or insulated from the sample, as needed for electrophoresis, di-electrophoresis, and other E-field studies. In all cases, our solutions do not hamper with the NMR experimental conditions, and offer highest SNR in their class. See [2].

    • High pressure and temperature: Voxalytic has developed probeheads for the characterization of chemical reaction processes under conditions of high environmental temperature and pressure. A bespoke dewar isolates the chemical reaction tube from the NMR magnet’s room temperature bore. Experimental conditions are under pulse program control.

    • Optical excitation: In CIDNP experiments, radicals are generated by illumination of the sample with light at a predetermined wavelength. Voxalytic has created a bespoke probehead solution that facilitates highly controlled light-sample interaction experiments, with superior illumination profiles and light management, pulse program control of lighting, and sample throughput.

  • Publications

[1] Nassar, O., Jouda, M., Rapp, M,. Mager, D., Korvink, J.G., MacKinnon, N., Integrated impedance sensing of liquid sample plug flow enables automated high throughput NMR spectroscopy. Microsyst Nanoeng 7, 30 (2021). 10.1038/s41378-021-00253-2

[2] Davoodi,  H., Nordin,  N., Bordonali, L., Korvink, J.G., MacKinnon, N.,  Badilita, V., An NMR-compatible microfluidic platform enabling in situ electrochemistry, Lab Chip, 2020, 20, 3202-3212, 10.1039/D0LC00364F

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