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Voxalytic’s high-field probes can be used for a variety of applications which require high spectral resolution and exceptionally high NMR sensitivity. Together with our advanced flow-through system, chemical analysis by high-field NMR can be comfortably integrated into production or pilot plant chains, or flexibly used in research projects.

  • Reaction Monitoring
    In order to analyse and optimise chemical process chains, the chemical reaction needs to be understood in its structural and dynamical characteristics. Voxalytic’s flow probe with its advanced flow system enables high-field NMR analysis under realistic reaction conditions.

  • Quality control
    The high-field NMR characterisation of liquid food, or liquid products like perfumes, or for the monitoring of water purity, is straightforwardly achieved with one of Voxalytic’s flow-through liquid state probes. 

  • Chemical analysis of polymers
    To investigate the molecular weight of polymers, the ratio of monomers and the relation between structure and property of polymers, high-field NMR offers accurate information. Voxalytic’s high-field probes allow for the implementation of polymer analysis. 

  • Metabolomics
    Our probes enable short measurement times whilst observing metabolomic processes, and performing analysis on chemical intermediates. Experiments are easy to implement, and long-time studies are supported by precise temperature control and our probe’s precise external frequency lock.

  • Ligand screening
    Our high throughput probes enable the rapid analysis of large compound libraries in reasonable time. For example, Voxalytic’s approach enables a speedup of 50 × to 200 × compared to standard sample exchange systems, facilitated by our compact NMR solutions, and parallel detector arrangement. This cost-effective system greatly reduces the cost-of-ownership of your NMR spectrometer.

  • Battery research
    To investigate and optimise battery materials for efficient charging and discharging cycles, Voxalytic offers probes with electric ports at the NMR detector. Thus, electrical currents and fields can be precisely applied and controlled during the NMR acquisition, revealing electrochemical dynamics.

  • Structural biology
    The investigation of the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids and proteins is essential for the understanding of biological phenomena. Voxalytic’s high-field probes are optimised for high-resolution NMR spectroscopy, with exceptionally high sensitivity on the X-nuclei, and are thus well suited to such studies.


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