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Voxalytic produces standard and custom liquid-state NMR probes for needs in high-resolution NMR spectroscopy. With specially engineered high-sensitivity detectors for a wide range of nuclei, our probes are in high demand for flow-analysis or sample volumes down to µ-litre volumes. We also offer very small yet exquisitely sensitive nano-litre volume NMR detectors, which are suitable for both high- and low-field signal detection.

Standard high-field flow probe specifications:

  • Field strength, from 300 MHz to 1.2 GHz
    Voxalytic’s probes are compatible with the leading NMR spectrometers, regardless of field strength, choice of nucleus or bore diameter.

  • Plug and play
    Voxalytic’s probes are delivered ready to use with your system.

  • Multi resonance, double-, triple or quadruple nuclei
    Voxalytic’s NMR probeheads offer high sensitivity over all available frequencies, and allow direct observation on their X-channels. 

  • Pulsed-field gradient (PFG)
    Our highly efficient and precise Z-gradient facilitates peak suppression through phase winding, and diffusion-NMR experiments.

  • Sample handling
    Voxalytic’s flow probes are equipped with a flow system optimised for high-resolution spectroscopy. They can be interfaced through standard fluidic ports, for continuous flow experiments, or can be used with 1 mm NMR tubes and a sample exchange system.

  • External lock
    A separate stand-alone field locking sensor is installed in the probe to compensate for field drifts. It interfaces directly with a suitably equipped spectrometer

  • Digitalised tuning and matching
    Voxalytic’s tuning and matching electronic circuits are under spectrometer software control, enabling rapid adjustment during NMR acquisition, thereby eliminating the need for cumbersome tuning and matching gadgets such as electric motors.


Custom high-field probe opportunities:

  • Derived from a standard probe
    Custom probes are built around our standard probe parts and design, so that you can expect the same exacting NMR performance for your custom application.

  • Optical input and output
    Homogeneous optical excitation of your sample is enabled by an internal micro-optical system with illumination profiles placed under spectrometer control. Our solution is energy efficient and avoids unnecessary sample heating. In addition, an optical channel for read-out allows you to perform optical spectroscopy during NMR experiments. Both optical pathways are accessible via standard optical fibre connectors.

  • Parallel NMR detection
    Our probe features simultaneously high-throughput screening of up to 4 sample streams at the same time, using individually addressable multi-resonant NMR detectors which are co-integrated into a single probe head. Each detector system is equipped with its own PFG, and an own on-chip shim system, which ensures high spectroscopic resolution.

  • Electrochemistry or quadrupolar nuclei
    For electrochemical applications such as battery research, but also suitable for the investigation of quadruple nuclei, electric ports are installed in the probe head that are under spectrometer control. Thus time-dependent electrical voltages, fields, and currents can be applied to your sample.

  • Metabolomics
    High sensitivity and temperature regulation allow for studies of biological samples. NMR detectors with sensitivities for sample volumes in the nano-litre region allow for studies of larger cells or cell clusters. Microfluidic capabilities ensure perfect perfusion conditions, and supply of gas streams.


NMR detectors:

  • High- and low-field detectors
    Voxalytic offers a range of small-volume detectors, from 100 nl, to 10 µl, with a competitively high signal-to-noise ratio, excellent B1 uniformity, and high RF efficiency. Tuned and matched RF interfaces ranging from 1 MHz to 1.2 GHz and more are possible.

  • Frequency lock sensor or field camera
    Voxalytic’s small volume detectors are available also as external frequency lock detectors, containing sealed-in lock substances (deuterium, fluorine, etc.). Their small footprint and excellent linewidth make them ideal as both field camera, and applications requiring a frequency standard.



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