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Chief Executive Officer

Jan Korvink is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in computational mechanics
from ETH Zurich and an MSc from the University of Cape Town. Until 2007, he was
predominantly involved in the development of engineering simulation and design software.

In Zurich he was a co-founder of the highly successful startup company Integrated Systems
Engineering AG, which developed and marketed TCAD software for the semiconductor
industry, until it was sold to Synopsys Inc. His professorial career started in 1997 at the
University of Freiburg in Breisgau, where he was a founding member of the Institute for
Microsystem Engineering – IMTEK. Since 2015 he is Professor for Microsystems Engineering
at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since 2007 his research is predominantly in the area
of magnetic resonance microsystems. For these activities he has won a prestigeous ERC
Advanced Grant from the European Union, and a Red Dot award. At Voxalytic, Jan Korvink is
responsible for R&D, and for NMR and MRI methodology.

"I was always fascinated by design, and the processes that facilitate the rapid translation of
fundamental research and insight into marketable products. This attitude has permeated my
research goal forming processes, where I always seeked those challenges that stood in the
way of engineering progress. My activities centre around the integration of teaching,
researching, managing, and spinning off ideas to industry. To do this, I have built up highly
competent teams that help me with the translation of concepts into tangible products, and
of talent into skills.

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