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Voxalytic offers customisable capabilities for liquid state NMR spectroscopy, and are especially applicable when screening medium to large chemical libraries, when sample volumes are small, or unusual environmental conditions apply.

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  • High sample throughput
    Voxalytic offers solutions for advanced sample handling, achieving sample throughput speedup of 50× compared to typical autosamplers, and under custom conditions, a speedup of up to 200×.

  • High pressure and temperature
    Using a custom MR-compatible dewar, Voxalytic’s probes can sustain high temperatures (< 300 °C) and pressures (< 25 Bar) within the magnet bore, suitable for studying catalytic industrial processes.

  • Optical excitation and spectroscopy
    Voxalytic offers customisable solutions for optical excitation, for example for CIDNP. These include the integration of LASER and solid state-diodes, MR-compatible optical elements, and photonic detectors.

  • Electrical fields and electrochemistry
    Voxalytic offers bespoke solutions for sample conditioning via electrical fields and currents, for example as required in battery research, the application of electrophoresis, or the study of polar molecules.

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  • High fields, from 300 MHz to 900 MHz
    Voxalytic’s probes are available for most commercial magnet systems, regardless of field strength or choice of nucleus.

  • Wide and narrow bore
    Voxalytic offers many probes in a wide bore and narrow bore version.

  • Plug and play
    Due to advanced automation, e.g., for tuning and matching, sample handling, and software integration, Voxalytic’s probes are compatible with the most popular vendor systems, and are delivered ready to use.

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  • Pulsed-field gradient (PFG)
    Voxalytic offers a custom pulsed field z-gradient with a field strength of ~115 G/cm/A, suitable for diffusion studies, or peak suppression.

  • External lock
    Probes can be delivered with an external frequency lock, for convenient monitoring of thermally-induced signal drift and compensation.

  • Digital tuning and matching
    Voxalytic’s tuning and matching circuitry is under software control, enabling rapid adjustment during NMR acquisition.

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