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Chief Operations Officer

Ulrike Wallrabe has a background in physics and a PhD in mechanical
engineering from Karlsruhe University (today KIT). Since 1989 she has been working on
processes and applications of microsystems with a focus on micro actuators, magnetic MEMS
and adaptive optics. In 2003, she became a professor for microactuators at the Institute for
Microsystem Engineering -IMTEK- at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg. Together with
Jan Korvink she developed an efficient process for the fabrication of three dimensional micro
coils on chip which today provides Voxalytic’s unique coil manufacturing expertise. In
Voxalytic, Ulrike Wallrabe is responsible for the coil manufacturing, and coil applications
beyond NMR, for example, in transformers, RF-IDs, inductances, etc.

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